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Podcasts by One Kansas City Radio

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Public Affairs, News & Health

Public Affairs
4w4c logo.jpg

Four Women for Conversations that Matter

We leverage our diverse female viewpoints to feature and interrogate personalities, programs and initiatives in Kansas City, as well as highlight issues permeating our country’s political and social atmosphere. The topics range in subject matter and derive from a social justice and equity perspective.

Core Conversations Logo.jpg

Core Conversations

Core Conversations highlights musicians, artists, creatives, community leaders and innovators by giving them a platform to tell their stories, showcase their projects and champion their causes in the region. The series is focused on but not limited to the under represented voices and people of color in the Kansas City urban core. We support the beauty of diversity in our program.

Northeast News.jpg

Kansas City's Northeast Newscast

Presented by Kansas City's Northeast News, this podcast dives into all things Historic Northeast. Join Managing Editor Elizabeth Orosco as she interviews community leaders, keeps the community apprised about the happenings in and around City Hall, and discusses the biggest issues facing the Kansas City area.

change makers kc.jpeg

Change Makers KC

Theme driven conversations with the people that help mold Kansas City into the vibrant city it is. Created by Tim Sweeney and facilitated by different individuals every week.

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Pet Resource Radio

Pet Resource Radio lifts up voices in animal welfare in our community and also looks at what’s happening at the national level that can impact the way we are approaching things here at home. PRR focuses on topics big and small, from breed-specific legislation to declawing to dog 

training to what exactly the job of animal control is.

Tune in and learn about how you can provide better care for your pet!

Conversations with Crystal

Conversations with Crystal is a space for a Black educator to engage with other educators. The series provides a platform to talk with others who work with students on a variety of levels and speaking on topics.


Those topics range from the importance of seeing early childhood education as more than daycare, considerations needed to ensure access and equity in higher education, the importance of providing experiences for high school students as they consider post-secondary options, and more. 


Imagine Downtown KC

How will Downtown Kansas City look and feel 10 years from now? What does the future hold for communities in the urban core and adjacent neighborhoods?

The Imagine Downtown KC podcast aims to enlighten and inspire listeners to dream BIG about the possibilities for the future of downtown. Listen in as host Kemet Coleman talks with guests who offer unique perspectives about the future of Downtown KC to complement the strategic planning process. Episodes will cover a spectrum of topics from the arts community, urban planning, economic inclusion, mobility and beyond.

AGC Podcast tile.png

All Girls Considered

All Girls Considered has been on a mission to place girl-identifying and non-binary youth at the center of every story. In our community, girls are engaging with diverse stories in imaginative ways and envisioning something new. We believe that when girls decide how their stories are told, it creates profound shifts in narrative ownership and power structures, giving them greater agency in determining their future. And we believe the future starts now.

Talk Shows and Culture

Talk Shows and Culture

The Lunch Squad cover.jpg

The Lunch Squad

Join LoRay and Lu for music, hot topics and more live from One Kansas City Radio

The Blend Interviews.jpg

The Blend Interviews

Exclusive guest Interviews on "The Blend" on One Kansas City Radio. We sit down with the movers and shakers in Kansas City. Highlighting a multicultural mix of people in the community including musicians, artists, community leaders and more.

Realennials Podcasts.jpg

The Realennials

Tune in to Pat and Ruby as they host The Realennials Podcast, taking on a diverse line-up of guests. The gang and friends tackle topics such as entrepreneurialism, culture, futurism, to the everyday struggles of Millennials.

Restore KC.jpg

Restore KC

The Restore KC program will create a virtual community circle to learn about restorative practices and why the Kansas City Museum is embracing its core framework and strategies to advance a civic unity vision.

Biscuits and Grits logo.png

Biscuits & Grits

Lovers of Seinfeld type fun listen to a catch-all podcast between two friends of similar age to discuss same or different opinions on just about everything: mostly life, food and general tidbits of information

Nuestra Herencia.jpg

Nuestra Herencia


Dr Gene Chavez interviews local leaders about regional Latino history. The one-hour long interview programs will feature guest scholars, historians, researchers, radio and television
personalities, civic leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, and every day people who want to share their family history immigration and migration to Kansas City on both sides of the state lines.

Infinante Banter.png

Infinite Banter

MJ brings you a podcast that talks about various topics including Hip Hop, TV, Movies, Comic Books, Wrestling, Star Wars, The Walking Dead and more.


KSSB Discover Podcasting 

Podcasting has been an interest to students with visual impairments at the Kansas State School for the Blind for several years. KSSB Discover Podcasting" is the only student-run, student-led podcast produced by any school for the Blind in the United States. Contact us for requests or questions. and follow us on Instagram, @KSSBPodcast"

Ketchpedia Radio.jpeg

Ketchupedia Radio

Ketchupedia, an outreach of Flying Ketchup Press ®, began in 2020 as a grassroots network to connect the Kansas City & regional writers community through weekly blogs, a writer's word of the day podcast, and a live poetry radio show Hosted by Polly Alice McCann, including upcoming open mics and classes to allow regional artists to explore motivation, creative goals, and advocacy. Ketchupedia makes space for writers’ personal narrative to empower and unite diverse audiences. You can find us at Flying Ketchup

The Outlaws radio show.jpg

The Outlaws Radio Show


The hottest show on the air, anywhere! The Outlaws Radio Show bring a hot, urban flavor while they discuss hot topics and the news of the day. The show also features interviews with some of the top names in the world of urban entertainment, television, politics and more

Midwest Community Carrier.jpg

Midwest Community Carrier

Midwest Community Carrier is a weekly radio program that airs on One Kansas City Radio's 100.1 FM station. The show focuses on Midwest stories of various culture, identities, hobbies and practices that fly under the radar.


Healthy, Wealthy and Wise


Join Elaine Green and guests as she discusses topics in health, finances and wisdom for all age groups from her perspective

Music Shows Hip Hop

Music Shows | Hip Hop and Urban

Future Nostalgia Main.jpg

Future Nostalgia

Join Doja as he takes you on an excursion of beats, grooves and vibrations

Sound Doctrine.jpg

Sound Doctrine

Hosted by Brotha Wes, Sound Doctrine features the best Gospel Hip Hop and Rap featuring Kansas City Artists and talking about issues affecting our urban community


Hip Soul Crate Dive

Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Soulful House, Jazz and more hand selected by Cache 22


IKON Radio

Underground Hip Hop Classics spun by DJ Real One broadcast live 

Music Shows World

Music Shows | World

I need my Salsa.jpg

I Need My Salsa

Hosted by Howard. He brings a classic selection of Salsa for Salsa music lovers and dancers around the world!

Las Voces.jpg

Las Voces de Mexico

A Medley of classic and new Mexican artists representing 60 years of rich Mexican tradition of Ranchera  music

Crown Crafted.jpg

Live from the Crown Crafted Series

Live Recordings from One Kansas City Radio's "Crown Crafted" music series featuring Kansas City based artists

Salsa Y Mas.jpg

Salsa Y Mas

Salsa y Mas! A radio show hosted by DJ LUIS on ONE KC RADIO 100.1 FM. It airs every Saturday at noon!! This show will allow listeners to call in and place song requests during this hour of Latin Tropical Music.

Mix Shows Hip Hop EDM

Mix Shows | Hip Hop, EDM and Club

MIX KC.jpg

The Mix KC

Exclusive Guest Mixes on "The Mix KC" Broadcast Live Saturdays starting at 6pm



New and Classic Material spun by DJ Cache 22

menace mondays.jpg

Menace Monday's

Old School, Hip Hop and Classics all spun by FK Menace

360 of Beatz.jpg

360 Degeez of Beatz

Get live in the mix with 360 Degreez of Beatz, Hip-Hop, R&B, House and other hot tracks

Mystical Wonders.jpg

Mystical Wonders

Come take a musical ride with DJ Mystic Wonder. Trance, EDM and more

electric minds.jpg

Electric Minds

Electric Minds" a weekly destination for dance music, providing House, Trance, Dub Step and all other EDM is hosted by DJ Reeves

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